I want to see If I’m eligible to receive benefits, but have no recourse to public funds

You’ll see below that we have provided information about benefits and support that you may* be entitled to. It is important to review this list to ensure you are claiming all that is possible.

If you come to live in the United Kingdom you may be eligible for financial help. To get this help you must be able to prove residency and that you are registered as a worker.

Working out what you are entitled to can be very complex and we strongly suggest you make an appointment with one of the local providers listed in the section below so you can talk through your circumstances.

No recourse to public funds: If you have a residence permit that allows you to live in the UK, it may include the condition that you have no recourse to public funds. If so, it means you will not be able to claim most benefits, tax credits, housing assistance or social care that are paid by the state.

Public funds include a range of benefits that are given to people on a low income, as well as housing support. There is also restrictions to support around social care. 

Public funds do not include benefits that are based on National Insurance contributions, so if you are working and pay National Insurance, you may be eligible for these benefits.

The NRPF Network can provide information and support regarding migrant people without recourse to public funds. The National Citizens Advice Bureau website has helpful information.

You may want to specialist support from an independent advice organisation. We have listed in the provider’s box below, the organisations who available locally.

*It’s important for you to note that this is not specific advice regarding your situation, but an overview of what is available based on the information you have given us.