Bereavement Support

This benefit was previously known as Widows Pension. This can be claimed for up to 52 weeks if you are widowed between the age of 45 and state pension age. State pension age is increasing for women and will become 65 for both men and women by 2018. At the moment women cannot get Bereavement Support for as long as men.

It is payable at different rates depending upon the age of the person bereaved when their husband wife or partner died.  It can be paid up until state pension age is reached, when it is expected that state retirement pension will be claimed. Bereavement Support cannot be claimed if there are dependent children, in this case Widowed Parent’s Allowance may be claimed. The benefit stops if a new relationship is formed and the couple are living together. In order to claim this benefit the spouse and claimant must not have been divorced before the death.

Here is more information about Bereavement Support.

You may find the Turn2Us Benefits Calculator useful if you want to find out what you are entitled to.   You can also get support with the application or other benefits advice from one of the local Providers listed in the Provider’s Box below.

If you are sure you can apply for this benefit but just need help to fill out the form, there are also volunteers at the Council’s Checkpoints who can help you fill out the form.