Attendance Allowance

This benefit is available to people age 65 or over. It is designed to help those people with personal care needs because of a physical or mental condition. It is paid at two different rates depending upon the level of care which is needed. There must be a need for care, or for supervision, for the safety of the person claiming the benefit or for someone else’s safety.

There may be an assessment for this benefit but it is frequently awarded without one. There are special rules which apply to people who are terminally ill which make the process of claiming quicker. The person who is terminally ill does not need to claim this themselves, someone else may claim on their behalf and the diagnosis will not be mentioned to them. Receiving this benefit will not reduce any means tested benefits being received and may in fact increase the entitlement.

Here is more information about Attendance Allowance.

You may find the Turn2Us Benefits Calculator useful if you want to find out what you are entitled to.   You can also get support with the application or other benefits advice from one of the local Providers listed in the Provider’s Box below.

If you are sure you can apply for this benefit but just need help to fill out the form, there are also volunteers at the Council’s Checkpoints who can help you fill out the form.